Prafull Sawant


Prafull Sawant Paints in Watercolor and Oils. He is from Nasik, a pilgrimage city in Maharashtra India with beautiful river Ghats and temples. He was born in a family of artists. His father and brother are also well Known artists..
He looks for a scene that intrigues him- usually an ancient temple, a traditional Indian house called wada or an old lane, then edits the scene in his painting often assertively. He picks and chooses what to leave in, what to leave out and what to add. “I look for the soul of a scene,” Sawant says. “And that comes from the atmosphere. The actual site
itself isn’t important to me. Instead, it’s a medium, just like the paint or the paper.”
Prafull Won 26 International Awards From USA, Germany, Australia, China, Albania, Turkey for his Oil and Watercolor paintings.
Prafull’s works are featured in various magazines internationally such- “Watercolor Artist” Ohio, USA (Front Page With 10 Pages Special Article) Feb 2013,  “Art of Watercolor” Naintre, France Jun/Aug 2013 and “Master of Watercolors-East to West” by Konstantin Sterkhov, St. Pittsburg, Russia Dec 2015

he was invited to many international exhibitions and festivals like Suzhou Art Museum, Shanghai (July 2014),Qingdao Art Museum (Dec 2014), Zhongyoung Art Museum, Guilinin (March 2015), Kaifeng Art Museum (July 2015), Vizart International Watercolor Biennale at Albania (Nov 2015) and Watercolor Festival by International
Watercolor Society-Izmir, Turkey to name a few.


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