Vanita Karim


Vinita Karim has traversed the path of the sun. Originally from India, she has lived around the globe first with her diplomat parents in New Delhi, Islamabad and Kuwait, and later studying art in Stockholm and travelling across Europe, Egypt and the Philippines. Her landscapes are personal figurations of the world that passes before her eyes. Papyrus, gold leaf, recycled newsprint – elements of the worlds that she has inhabited populate her canvases. Sometimes, they almost seem like debris, like flotsam that drifts from one imagined urban space to another, In other places, they are fundamental to the existence of her landscapes.
Vinita did her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Philippines in 2007 and holds a Diploma in Fine Arts (1981) from Gerlesborg Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. She has done 22 solo shows all over the world and was one of the selected artists for the auction house Arabian Wings in 2014.



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